Webinar “Systemic implementation of Circular Economy in business”

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Webinar entitled “Systemic implementation of Circular Economy in business”, which will be held in digital format on April 23, 2021, 10:30-11:30 CET.

Participation in the event is free.

The Circular Economy has to be understood as something far beyond environmental protection or waste management. The Circular Economy is a complex system representing nature, technology, government, business, and customers. Those actually represent the approach towards Circular Economy. Such a holistic approach can lead to change since a change in one system drives changes in one or more other systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed in many cases all the drawbacks of the present economic model- the linear economy. The need for change towards Circular Economy is thus greater since it showed great resilience. For this purpose we have framed the main topics on our agenda:
- Systemic and holistic thinking as a necessary tool for shifting to a circular economy
- What is the essence of applying the Circular Economy principle in business?
- Difference between life cycle and value chain

Find out more and register: https://circular-beacons.net/webinar-april-23-systematic-implementation-of-circular-economy-in-business/

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